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Montgomery and Frederick county Community Association

How We'll Help With Your

Montgomery and Frederick county Community Association Needs



Our goal is to partner with community leaders to provide community management services based on a foundation of high ethical standards, education and quality service.



You have enough to do in your busy life! Communicating with your Association and paying your assessments should be simple and easy. The homeowner portal is here to help make that experience as effortless as possible.

Proactive Approach

Managing your community association should not involve heavy lifting by its volunteers. Our proactive, experienced approach allows your Board of Directors to focus on the big picture and high level decisions. 


An attractive, well-maintained community is in everyone's best interest. We visit your community on a regular basis, but we would love to hear from you and be your partner in getting things taken care of. 

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Why Choose Our Company?

Suburb Home

Personalized Service

Owning a home can be complicated, and living in a community association can make it feel even more complicated. Vanguard Management is one of fewer than 250 management companies worldwide that have earned the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) credential through Community Associations Institute. 

Engineers and Businesspeople

We Are Experienced Pros

A positive attitude, good communication skills, experience, education and a manageable work load are the keys to success. Our community managers collectively average well over 10 years experience in community management. Our team members are also assigned diverse portfolios so that they are trained to handle any different situations.

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Our Systems and Processes

Our technology partners lead our industry in making life in a community association as streamlined as possible. We are constantly researching and evaluating new technology platforms, asking ourselves how new technologies can help the communities we serve. And behind all the technology solutions are team members ready to help.

More About Our

Community Association Management Services

Our vision at Vanguard Management is to forge an industry standard for managing highly functional and attractive communities. Accompanying our vision are our core values: leadership, ethics & integrity, and quality service.


We devote our business solely to the field of community management as we believe that the field is unique and requires singular attention. Vanguard Management believes that to effectively manage daily affairs for our client community associations, we must create a synergistic culture where the board, homeowners, Vanguard Management and the community’s service providers work to accomplish the goals and purposes of the association. Each team member plays an important role in the success of the community. Additionally, we believe a community manager can only be effective to the communities they serve with a reasonable work load. For this reason, each manager, on average, supports six to seven communities of differing type, size, and amenities. We believe this low ratio is among the lowest in the industry. 


The team approach fosters positive relationships among all team members and creates a greater capacity to produce desired results. One of the most important aspects of the team approach is communication which is often underutilized; however, the simple act of communicating will ultimately lead to greater understanding among team members. Through this communication, we are ultimately able to provide better service to our clients.

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