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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Property
Owner and Investor Questions

  • What options do I have to pay my monthly assessment(s)?
    Homeowners may pay their assessments online by logging in to the homeowner portal under the Billing menu. From here, homeowners can click on Make a Payment and will then be directed to Alliance Association Bank, your community’s bank. There you can make payments that will be applied directly to your assessment account. Please be advised that a processing fee is charged for payments made by credit card. There is no fee for payments made by recurring debit or e-check.
  • How do I obtain my assessment account balance and retrieve an account statement?
    To review your assessment account balance or retrieve an account statement, log in to the homeowner portal and select the Billing menu. From this page, you can view your Current Balance or, at the bottom of the page, view your entire account history and download the report.
  • How do I obtain copies of HOA disclosure documents for the sale or refinance of my home?
    Maryland law requires the seller provide certain disclosure documents to the purchaser as part of the real estate transaction. Vanguard is pleased to partner with HomeWiseDocs to provide a seamless way for homeowners to obtain disclosure documents, questionnaire forms, certificates of insurance, and much more. Please visit HomeWiseDocs for more information.
  • Who do I call for an after-hours emergency?
    Our staff is available from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 AM to noon on Friday. Outside of regular business hours, Residents who are experiencing a significant flood, fire, medical or criminal emergency should first call 9-1-1 to report the emergency to the local authorities. An after-hours emergency, (i.e., damage or threat to property, etc.) can be reported to Management by dialing 301-540-8600 and selecting after-hours emergency from the menu.
  • I just settled on my home. What do I do now?
    Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! In the coming weeks, once our accounting staff receives your settlement paperwork from your title company, you will receive a welcome package with all of the pertinent information related to your new community association including, but not limited to, how to register for the homeowner portal, make your assessment payments, etc. Sometimes it takes several weeks for our office to receive your settlement paperwork. Should you have a question prior to receiving your welcome package, please feel free to email your community manager at
  • My HOA is seeking proposals for new management. Where do I submit an RFP?
    Vanguard Management wants to hear from you! Click on the Community Management page for additional information related to how Vanguard Management can help with your Community Association needs and request a free consultation.
  • How do I update my mailing address?
    To update your mailing address, log in to the homeowner portal and select the My Contact Info menu. From here, you can select New Contact and add your new mailing address. Any questions can be directed to our accounting staff at
  • How do I obtain information about my community and my account?
    Vanguard Management is excited to put you in the driver’s seat! Access information about your community or assessment account 24-7 by visiting the homeowner portal. Here you can find approved Board meeting minutes, parking information, your account balance, a calendar of events, and more! Of course, your Community Manager is available via phone (301-540-8600) or email ( during normal business hours.
  • I want to speak directly to the Board.  How do I get in touch with them?
    The Board of Directors wants to hear from you! To contact the Board in writing, email or send written correspondence to Vanguard Management Associates, Inc., PO Box 39, Germantown, MD 20875-0039. To speak to the Board in person, plan to attend the upcoming Board meeting and address the Board during Homeowner Open Forum. To determine the Board’s next meeting date, log in to the homeowner portal and select the Calendar & Events Menu.
  • How do I submit an architectural change request?
    Homeowners can submit an architectural change request by logging in to the homeowner portal and selecting the Documents menu. You can find any applications under the Forms menu. Homeowners should submit their applications pursuant to the instructions on the application. Still have questions about the process? Email the Architectural Change Processor at
  • When is my trash and recycling collected?
    To determine the pick-up dates for trash and recycling, visit the homeowner portal and select the Calendar & Events menu. If you cannot find specific dates for trash and recycling pick-up, it may be that refuse collection is contracted through the County/City. Select the following links to look up your collection service days for: Montgomery County The City of Gaithersburg The City of Rockville Frederick County The City of Frederick

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